Mountain Leader – The Bump.

Sunday evening:
‘What are your goals for tomorrow?’
‘I’m going to smash my training and put in the last stages of prep for my Mountain Leader assessment next week.’
Monday morning: Bed bound, in agony.

With exactly a week to go until my assessment, disaster has struck. I’m bed bound, moving is agony and the thought of spending five minutes walking, let alone five days whilst being assessed brings me to tears.

After two days in pain, my stubbornness gave way and I headed to the doctors. A packed waiting room saw me shuffle in, a fresh, Hollywood worthy sob coming from me with every step, the doctor ushered me in.
The verdict? An abscess on my coccyx, an emergency operation and weeks of recovery.

I have to face the facts and postpone my assessment.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 14.29.35

I made the call, I told the assessors I wasn’t well enough for my assessment. I was ready, I was actually excited and prepared for what I had been working for since 2014. How do you deal with your plan changing, out of your control, when it’s what you’ve been working towards for the last few years?

‘Don’t worry…’ the nurse says as she wheels me down the corridor after surgery ‘its winter now, surely you just want to cuddle up in front of the fire, not do anything outdoorsy’. She has NO idea.

I pride myself on being positive, on always seeing a silver lining but right now, just like all the hill days I’ve had recently, my optimism is cloudy at best.

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