About Me

Oh, hey. Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot. That’s me to the left, on an adventure in the Lakes pretending the view was to die for. It was not.

I’m Honesty, British born and a little less normal than most. My adventures started at 17 when I took part in a Wilderness Expertise expedition to Venezuela. I got the bug, I was enticed and it all grew from there. Then life got a lot more interesting in 2016 when I moved from a little village in Berkshire to an even smaller village in Snowdonia and i’ve been insisting i’m welsh ever since.

I live for the outdoors, for travelling and exploring. When i’m not on the hills I like to think i’m training for the next triathlon but really i’m most likely snuggled up on the sofa doing some drawing or getting creative.

My special skill in life is finding the silver lining. Over the next few years, I hope I can help you over come any struggles that come your way, inspire you in your own adventures and help you get where your soul should be…